Six months ago I wrote this story about using EasyTether and WireGuard with a Raspberry Pi 4. I’ve learned a lot since then and there’s been some changes so it feels like it’s time for an update. The following is intended as another standalone article.

The end result is to turn a Raspberry Pi into a Wi-Fi hotspot by tethering it to an Android phone or tablet via USB. My motivation for this is to use it in my RV / motorhome. It’s also been a fun educational project as my first time working with a Raspberry Pi.

Of course…

Raspberry Pi tethering to an Android phone.

June 6th, 2021: I’ve written an updated version of this article.

Dec 5th, 2020: See the footnote at the bottom of the page. You may not really need EasyTether.

I recently built a simple cellular router/interface which provides a portable internet connection by tethering to either an Android or iOS phone. Of course most phones can act as a hotspot but this has several advantages over the default hotspot application.

  • For Android phones, all data is considered as device data. To the carrier, it looks like you’re using an app directly on the phone, not using the phone as a…


Just a burst of data

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